User experience + cloud services Product Mgr.


Product management and software engineering with Hulu, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Xerox since 2009
Office 365 InfoPedia / Microsites

A ready-to-go knowledge management portal in Office 365 for communicating expertise and best practice

Boards in Office Delve

Collect, reuse and share docs, pages and media across Office 365, with personal insights from Office Graph

SharePoint Online Analytics / Performance

Big data pipeline for deep engagement understanding. Real-time, geo-located real user measurement

SharePoint Online Tenant Admin / Provisioning

On-call engineering automated analysis, root cause fixes, tool development, process design

IBM WebSphere Transaction Cluster Facility

High performance, high consistency cruise reservation app proof-of-concept for Extreme Blue

Oracle Primavera P6 Professional

Team member update and resource management UX for large-scale projects



As a PM with Hulu, I envision, dig into data and customers, persuade, lead, and design across Personalization & Content Discovery.

Before joining Hulu, my latest project with Microsoft (Microsites and Codename InfoPedia) made its debut at Ignite 2015 in Chicago. The interest from the community has been huge for a single, ready-to-go place for knowledge in an organization.

I pivoted to user experience in 2014, driving Boards in Office Delve from ideation to worldwide release, creating new inventions and obsessing over customers. With a few taps, you can collect content from across OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office 365 Video to reuse or share with colleagues. Built on the Office Graph, boards offer personalized recommendations based on your work.

In 2013 I was a founding member of the SharePoint Online data analytics team, winning the coveted "Best Hack" jackalope for real-time performance / usage visualization. My crew evolved SharePoint from manual lab performance testing to real user measurement at scale. Based on industry standards, this satisfied a thirst for data to tune architecture, plan data centers, catch regressions and support customers.

My first mission at Microsoft was to transform service engineering for SharePoint Online provisioning, increasing our percentage within service-level agreement by 30 points. I automated analysis to highlight issues effecting many customers, those difficult to monitor for or with steep support cost. Severe events were cut in half through tooling, training, tuning process, and root cause fixes, meaning less calls in the middle of the night.

By spring 2012 I graduated summa cum laude from Rochester Institute of Technology as a Software Engineer and Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar. I lived for 2 years on campus as an Honors resident adviser, a unique opportunity to serve as a role model and community builder for 50 exceptional students. My approach at RIT was to blend new media design (like packaging for Abbott's Frozen Custard) with real-world engineering (such as digitizing insurance claims processing with Kodak) and a solid foundation in computing theory (e.g. contrast windowing, medical image reconstructions for University of Rochester radiology).

IBM needed a prime example of the incredible performance and consistency of WebSphere Transaction Cluster Facility, so in fall 2011 I led an Extreme Blue team delivering a cruise line reservation system proof-of-concept on WTCF. When I wasn't furiously coding UX or designing architecture, my team indulged in the IBM mini golf course.

In 2010, Xerox was overspending by millions of dollars on yearly outsourced support cost for IT apps and DBs. A "what if" tool I developed allowed managers across Western Hemisphere IT to collaborate on adjustments to match actual need, rolling up to serious total savings.

At 20, I started my professional engineering career with Oracle, developing UX for resource management and team member updates in the Primavera P6 project management app. We had pretzels every Thursday, test-driven development, continuous integration, and I taught my development floor Oracle ADF framework.

My home town is Philadelphia, where I coached gymnastics for a decade, played club soccer, and starred in 'The Wizard of Oz'.



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